Nina Slanevskaya, ”Brain, Mind and Society" (a book) Part I (.pdf) and Part II (.pdf)

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The Field of Studies

Neuroscientists study the nervous system at different levels of the organization beginning with molecular and finishing with the study of consciousness, creativity and social behaviour. Recently, there has been an upsurge of interest from many allied disciplines: philosophy, economics and political science. New disciplines appeared such as neuroehthics, neuroeconomics, neurotheology, neuromarketing, neuropolitical science, neurosocilology and neuroaesthetics.

The St.Petersburg Centre for Interdisciplinary Neuroscience deals with the sociology of neuroscience and the methodology of the interdiscilinary approach based on neuroscience towards social, political, economic, aesthetic, ethic issues within the above mentioned new scientific disciplines.

The book "Brain, Mind and Society", Part I (.pdf) and Part II (.pdf)

by Nina Slanevskaya was published (in Russian). The book “Brain, Mind and Society”, Parts I and II, by Nina Slanevskaya is an attempt to understand the degree of influence of social factors on the mental and physical health of people, the possibility of the use of mind energy for treating mental and physical diseases, the causation in mind and brain interaction and the influence of moral thinking on decision making. It further examines the perspective of the use of neuroscientific methods in social sciences and the dependence of social life upon the development of human abilities for cognitive, creative, critically comparative and moral thinking. The first part of the book covers the following topics: the human brain, stress and neurochemistry, paranormal phenomena, treatment without medicine (mental practices). The second part of the book considers the questions connected with brain and mind, human neuromorality, social neurosciences and the mind and the organization of social life. Nina Slanevskaya is a political scientist, Ph.D., and the General Director of the Center for Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Ltd. in St.Petersburg. 




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